Individual Life Insurance

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Life Insurance: Life insurance can be the foundation of your family’s financial security, and can help you leave a lasting legacy. Because your life insurance needs are unique to your situation, we offer a broad range of products to help create your best solution.

  • Term Life Insurance:  coverage for a certain period of time; generally lower cost than permanent insurance.
  • Permanent Insurance:  offers the added security of owning life insurance for their entire lives. Plans are customized to offer best coverage, best costs.
  • Whole Life Insurance: provides protection for a lifetime, with a current policy. Offers guaranteed premiums, guaranteed death benefit, and guaranteed cash value growth, building wealth for the future.
  • Universal Life Insurance: provides lifetime death benefit protection, in a more flexible format.  Coverage amounts may be increased / decreased, and offers premiums that can vary based on your financial needs.
  • Variable Universal Life Insurance:  this offers permanent insurance with death benefit protection, with flexible premium payments and allocations.
  • Survivorship Life Insurance: covers two individuals with one policy, paying a death benefit after both have passed away. Generally lower cost than 2 individual policies.

Disability Income Insurance:  Most people have coverage on their home, car, and possessions – yet our most valuable asset – our ability to generate income, is often unprotected. Disability insurance protects you if you are unable to work, providing much needed financial security during a difficult time